This program is a 4-month technical training and individual soft skills development program that has been implemented in incubation which created at Originn Co-Working. 3 days a week, 12 hours were applied. In this scope, Digital Design, Coding, Social Media Management, Digital Advertising, and practical technical training were given. Besides these, it also contains non-formal education-based communication, leadership, teamwork, and in-house entrepreneurship. Also preparing CV, Interview Techniques and Searching Job/Internship workshops were taken place. All these programs were only designed to serve the main theme of 3I which is finding a job/internship.

Within the program, lesson plans, training contents, workshop designs and non-formal education modules were produced. Each trainee candidate had the opportunity to specialize in this vocational training. These were certified as Coder, Digital Designer and Social Media and Communication Specialist (beginner level).

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Social Media Management
With this training, young people will be trained in the use of personal and official accounts, the adjustments of the content, design and timing of the posts to be made, which ways to follow, which methods to apply against the problems that may arise, how the brand and promotion methods should be and the regular and harmonious management of all these. The topics young people will learn with these trainings are as follows;

– Audience Determination in Social Media Management
– Content Production in Social Media Management
– Competitor Analysis in Social Media Management
– Advertising on Social Media
– Instagram Algorithm
– Crisis Management in Social Media

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Web Programming
Today, coding is accepted as a new literacy skill and it becomes more valuable to have this ability with the use of technology in every field of our lives. Many electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, refrigerators, calculators you use need code snippets for their work. The people who produce and develop this need by writing various codes are also called software developers. With the trainings to be given in our incubation, young people will gain the ability to write code and will be given the opportunity to develop in this field. With the coding training to be given, the competencies of the young people are expected to be developed as follows;

– Creative thinking and increased attention / concentration
– Problem solving skills and analytical thinking
– Developing algorithmic thinking skills
– Providing the visualization of abstract concepts together with coding, in other words concretization
– Managing the problems that may arise by dividing them into pieces and thus improving managerial skills, including in crisis moments
– Providing to develop a different perspective in problem solving

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Soft Skills
Within the scope of the social skills program, applied lessons on “Communication, Leadership, Teamwork and Entrepreneurship, CV Preparation, Interview Techniques and Effective Job / Internship Search Methods” were given in our incubation center.

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3I Soft Skills-ENG” ve “3I Sosyal Beceriler-TR