Three face-to-face transnational meetings were held in Turkey, Italy and Portugal with participation of 7 partner instutions.

Transnational meetings have been planned for the project. These are;

Kick-Off Meeting (İzmir,Turkey)

Its purpose was to create a general plan of the project. All details of this phase (taking advantage of the outputs of previous studies) were shaped in a 3-day kick-off meeting in Izmir. The roles and responsibilities between project partners and stakeholders, managament plans, requirements, and managament issues were discussed. In the kick-off, all partners and stakeholders were able to fully understand the objectives of the project, to clarify their expectations, to be aware of the risks of the project and to be aware of the potential measures and to master the work plans.

You can download the meeting report here


Mid-Term Evaluation Meeting (Matera, Italy)

In this meeting the reports that has been prepared were evaluated by monitor and control committee and the progress of the project was discussed. At this point the consortium made the needed reviews and improvements and evaluate the learning outputs of experts’ personal and target audiances. Along with this projects future activity phases were discussed and some activities re-planned.

You can download the meeting report here


Online Final Meeting

This meeting was held online because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The Project Coordinator expressed the organisation’s appreciation to the whole project team and key project stakeholders. It was presented the project statistics and data on performance and achievements. Partners and stakeholders discussed the overall project experience.

Partners and stakeholders discussed problems and challenges faced during project and the way in which they were addressed. They discussed lessons learned and best practices that may be useful for future projects.