International Internship Incubation, has been created to target the youth unemployment, which is one of the major problems Europe and Turkey, to develop young people’s professional competence, it has been implemented in order to create youth employment opportunities through international internship experience.

The Internship Center targets university students and newly graduated students, and will ensure that these young people meet national and international internship opportunities and produce and implement training programs that meet their needs.

Services of the Internship Center;

– Vocational Training Programmes
– Soft Skills Training Programmes
– Networking
– Career Development Consultancy and Mentorship
– Coworking Activities (meeting, workshop, seminar, conference etc.)
– Physical infrastructure (co-working area) services.
– Local and International Internship Opportunities
– Job Interviews with the HR Departments

The Incubation has 1 full time, 1 part-time worker and 2 interns in its office within the Origin Co-Working area. It also has event space where 80 people can be trained at the same time with the COVID-19 measures.

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